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Our Story

     Charlie Fitzgerald began The Needleworks in 2000 when his wife Shirley asked him for a rotating rug hooking frame. An engineer by trade, Charlie designed and built the octagonal rotating frame with anchoring gripper strips, and before long, all of Shirley's friends wanted one, too. A classic was born and so was a business. The Fitzgeralds ran the growing business for twelve years.


     In 2012, Darryl and Jan Nicholson purchased The Needleworks from Charlie and relocated the business from New Hartford, CT to Northfield, CT. Since then, Darryl and Jan have continued to provide their customers with rug hooking products of the highest quality. They have listened to their customers' suggestions and worked closely with Charlie to even make improvements on their products.


     Jan's sister, Holly, is the seamstress for The Needleworks. Holly crafts beautiful bonnets and snuggles to keep the sharp gripper strips covered and safe. Originally from Northfield, Holly now lives in North Carolina where she continues to design and handsew these pretty and colorful accessories.



     Here at The Needleworks, we are a family-owned, family-operated, family-oriented business. We believe people come first. We work hard, and we know you do, too. We strive to provide you with the best products for your hard-earned money. We take pride in producing quality frames and accessories, but, even more than that, we do our best to provide you, our valued customers, with personalized customer service. If it's important to you, it's important to us.

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