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Lap Frame


- Gripper strips hold your project in place

- Rotates continuously

- Adjustable title angle

- Minimum inside opening of 11.5"

- Can be used in lap or attached to floor stand

Package Dimensions:

15" x 14.5" x 4.5"  

approx.  6.5lbs

*All frames are also available in Cherry for an added $25




When you first receive your lap frame, it will be folded as shown.


This is its closed position to allow for easier carrying.

Start by loosening the knobs on the adjustment arms and slide down to unlock the hoop.

There will also be velcro on the back that is used to keep the hoop fastened to the lapboard during transit.


You can then lift up on the hoop to flip the assembly around and lock into place with the third knob.

With the upright section of the frame now supported, you can slide the adjustment arms up to your desired height and fasten into place by tightening the knobs.


To use a frame with a floor stand, place the frame on top of the stand and screw it down with the knobs that came with floor stand.

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