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The Lurena

- Gripper strips hold your project in place

- Rotates continuously

- Adjustable title angle

- Minimum inside opening of 11.5"

- Can be used in lap or attached to floor stand

- Added tray to hold supplies

Package Dimensions:

15" x 14.5" x 5"  

approx.  6.5lbs

*All frames are also available in Cherry for an added $25


     Lurena Germain Kiedinger, an accomplished seamstress who made alterations for a high-end women’s store in Green Bay, Wisconsin, believed her granddaughters needed to learn an appreciation for textile arts as part of their lifelong education.

     Lurena’s style was to demonstrate an activity and then let her granddaughters try it by themselves. Lurena accomplished this by demonstrating how to hook on whatever rug she was working on at the time and then allowing the girls to practice on the rug too. She also invited the girls to join her in learning how to dye the fabric and cut it too.

    Only one granddaughter continues to hook rugs while others have taken up sewing, crewel work, knitting and basket weaving—all textile arts Lurena created throughout her life. Many of Lurena’s rugs, crewel work, and basket weaving grace the homes of her grandchildren today. A legacy to remember.

     Now, our newest frame (Lurena) including the tray her granddaughter uses to place her tools and wool strips is available for you to practice and share your art of rug hooking.

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